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What can I expect, I’ve never been waxed?


First things first, we need to understand what it is you want. We will carry out a full co sultation with yourself to understand if there is anything that may effect a service. These could include and medical conditions, allergies or very sensitive skin. In the privacy of our treatment room we can discuss if you’ve ever had any hair removal carried out in a salon or at home.


We will thoroughly explain the service that you have chosen and identify any clothing that will need to be removed. Just like you’d brush your teeth before going to the dentist we ask that you wash any areas that you want to get waxed. We have cleansing wipes on hand in the treatment room so don’t panic.


Will it hurt?


Probably not nearly as much as you may think. Due to the  techniques and quality  products we use they help make the service as pain free as possible. This said, some areas and people are more sensitive than others. Any discomfort you do feel should only last a second or so then pass. All good for the result achieved.


How long do results last for?


Unfortunately hair grows. Sometimes it grows and grows. Luckily waxing is a very efficient way of removing hair. Due to it being removed from the root, not just from at skin level, the results last the longest of these types of treatment. We would look to re book in 4 – 6 weeks. The hair will grow back weaker than before. This will be explained in depth at the consultation.


How long can the hair be to get waxed?


Whatever you’ve been doing with your hair you’ll need something there for us to get our hands onto. We would expect you to have 3 -4 weeks of hair growth for the wax to take and remove hair effectively.


Is sensitive skin an issue?


It’s not a problem at all. Our wax’s are selected for their quality and kindness to the skin. For no intimate waxing we use a strip wax. Intimate area use a non strip wax that heats at a much lower temperature so is more comfortable in these areas. If you have any concerns then please just ask us. We can always carry out a patch text to understand better if we can expect anything.


Do I need to get naked?


Well that will depend on the service. For the mechanic to work on the engine he’s got to lift the hood. If you’re having any intimate area done then you’ll have to lose your pants. There’s nothing to worry about though as it’s our job and we’ve seen it all before. All other services we just need to get to the skin.


What if I get aroused during an intimate waxing service?


This can sometimes happen due to the nature of the service and is perfectly acceptable, it should pass though. It’s actually easier to wax when it’s like that believe it or not. We carry out and expect professional behavior throughout the service so as long as there is no inappropriate comments or behavior it’s all good. If there is any funny business the service will be terminated and you will be asked to leave. Again, we’ve seen it all so there really is nothing to worry about….. crack on.


Is there a minimum age?


We won’t wax anyone under the age of 18.


Can I bring a friend?


Waxing is not a spectator sport and it’s as busy as it needs to be in the treatment room whikst the service is carried out. We also need your attention as you may need to assume a position for us to achieve the best results. Messing around with your mate doesn’t really have a place during the service. They are welcome to wait in a room directly outside the treatment room where they will be looked after whilst you’re with us.  


Will I get ingrowing hairs?


You shouldn’t but there are things you should do after being waxed. To avoid this you should exfoliate 2 – 3 days after treatment. We supply and sell exfoliants and other products for your aftercare.


Will my skin be sore after getting waxed?


You may experience some temporary reactions but these should pass 24 – 48 hours after treatment. If you follow our aftercare advice then you should not experience anything untoward.  


What aftercare procedures should I follow?


Like many beauty treatments there are a couple of things that you need to do to ensure the best result with the greatest comfort. Following a waxing service you should carry out the following for 24 – 48 hours


•No hot baths or showers (cool to luke warm water)

•No tanning (sun beds, sunbathing or fake tans)

•No sport, swimming, gym or other vigorous exercise.

•No scratch or scrubbing the treated area.

•No deodorants, body sprays, makeup, perfume, powders or lotions on the waxed area, other than the products recommended by your therapist.

•Wear clean, loose fitting clothing.

•Do apply an antiseptic and moisturizing cream regularly over the next few days to soothe and protect the skin. Always wash your hands before applying any product.

•Do use a sunblock on treated areas after waxing.

•To prevent I growing hairs you should exfoliate up to three times a week. You should go this a few days after treatment.


The first few times you get waxed you may notice a small amount of regrowth a week or so after. It may take a few treatments to get the hair into a growth cycle that gives the best results. Your hair needs to be at least half a centimeter for us to wax it so please don’t shave, tweeze or use hair removal creams between services. To maintain a complexly smooth appearance we world recommend treatment every 4 – 6 weeks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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